Trodat wasn’t originally the company’s name, just that of a product. The ‘Trodat’ plastic date stamp was introduced internationally in the 1940s. The name was the product range: ‘Tro’ derives from trolitul, the material out of which the stamp was manufactured. ‘Dat’ simply stands for date stamp.

Trodat was registered as an international brand in 1960. In the late 1960s it was selected as the stamp manufacturer’s name after reincorporation. You can find out more about Trodat company history here.

The decision to select Trodat as the company’s name was made not least because the name easily pronounced in many languages around the world. With an export rate of 98% and customers in 150 countries, that’s more important than ever today.



Founding in Vienna

Franz Just opens a small business and starts as a stamp manufacturer


Founding in Production of plastic date stamps with the Trodat label

Marketing to other stamp manufacturers in Austria and initial exports to Germany and Switzerland


Relocation from Vienna to Wels

Marketing to other stamp manufacturers in Austria and initial exports to Germany and Switzerland


Trodat as product brand

The Trodat product brand is registered (Trodat becomes the company’s name in 1968)


Start of the Internet shop for stamps project

(today, uTypia Software Solutions) First shop solutions go online in the USA in mid 2000 and in Europe in late 2002.


Introduction of second Printy generation

Further design and function development of the Original seamlessly continues the Printy 1’s success story


Introduction of the Professional

Sets new standards for application/product features and design for stamps in the office


Foundation of the Trotec Laser business area

Laser technology revolutionizes text plate production and is disseminated through Trodat’s international marketing network.


Introduction of first Printy generation

First self-inking stamp made of plastic! Revolutionizes the stamp industry and makes the self-inking stamp a best-seller


100 million Printys sold worldwide


Introduction of third Printy generation

New production methods enable the use of new materials for the first time. These set standards in ergonomics, haptics, and design.


Multi Color Impression

Trodat and Trotec develop a solution for the professional production of multicoloured stamps: patented and unique worldwide.


200 million Printys sold worldwide


The Mobile Printy’s introduction

Pocket stamp with single-handed operation immediately becomes a best-seller in the first year (one million units sold


Introduction of Original Printy 4.0

Trodat’s long-standing commitment to the environment achieved a new dimension with the introduction of the new Printy


Introduction of new Ideal Seal

Awarded twice as product of the year (ISAP 2015 & PBS 2016), the new Trodat Ideal Seal convinces not only with its wide range of applications and the modern design,

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