With the acquisition of our previous distributor Gizmo S.A. and the founding of two new subsidiaries – Tro Sellos México for Trodat and High Speed Laser Systems for Trotec – the Trodat Trotec Group has successfully taken its first step into a large and important South American market.

With this acquisition, reorganisation and integration into the Trodat Trotec Group not only will our market position in the important region of South America be consolidated but the international role of the Trodat Trotec Group as the world market leader in stamp and laser products will also be further strengthened. This step will also help to achieve the targeted growth: Strategy 2020 with a defined sales mark of 300 million euros.


The Gizmo S.A. company has approximately 20 years of market experience and corresponding know-how in the stamp and laser business. The previous owner Rios Joel was appointed Managing Director of the new subsidiary and the existing staff team from Gizmo was taken over. A total of 40 employees, half associated with the stamp sector and the other half with the laser sector.
Compared to external market distributors, a dedicated sales team is not only much easier to direct successfully in terms of the sales strategy but by having our own team we can also be certain that their full concentration is on the product portfolio.


In the stamp sector, the product price level is attractive and profitable in the Mexican market, and with increasing market shares, the sales level can be increased accordingly. In addition, the proportion of wooden stamps is still relatively high, the market potential for converting to self-inking stamps is also very attractive.
In the laser sector, Gizmo is the real pioneer in the laser and accessories business – the no.1 in Mexico today. The aim is to strengthen, not just stabilise, this market position.

At this point, a warm “welcome on board”
to our new colleagues in Mexico