SpeedMarker laser marking machine

The SpeedMarker Series galvo laser marking machines were designed for marking metals, glass and plastics along the industrial production line. These galvo lasers come with intuitive and sophisticated workflow software combined with the highest quality hardware.

SpeedMarker Laser Markers- High-speed marking lasers for industrial applications.

Laser type:CO₂ or Fiber laser
Work area:7.5 x 7.5 up to 44.1 x 25.0 inch
Max. workpiece height:9.8 – 22.4 inch
Laser power:10 – 50 watts / 20 + 100 watts MOPA
Laser type:CO₂ or Fiber laser
Work area:190 x 190 up to 1120 x 635 mm
Max. workpiece height:250 – 570 mm
Laser power:10 – 50 watts / 20 + 100 watts MOPA

Benefits of the SpeedMarker Galvo Marking Lasers

Configurable and customizable

SpeedMarker laser marking machines are available in a variety of sizes with several configurations and additional laser marking equipment to meet your individual requirements. Ask us about our customization options for specialized applications.

User-friendly software

The included SpeedMark workflow software makes it easy to operate SpeedMarker laser marking machines. The software provides program modules for typical marking processes. From simple direct input to fully automated workflows, everything is possible – with no need for any special programming knowledge.

Stands up in harsh environments

Thanks to their thoughtful and robust design, SpeedMarker laser markers provide absolute reliability and precision even in demanding environments. The laser head is practically maintenance free.

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